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SharePointListSearch Getting Started

System Requirements

Windows SharePoint Services 3.0
Windows SharePoint Server 2007


To install the product unpack the .zip archive and run the setup.exe file. Click the “Next” button in the “SharePointListSearch” window.

The next Wizard window will check your system for compliance with the requirements for product installation. After the successful completion click the “Next” button.

In the next Wizard window, you should select web applications for which you want to install the product. Uncheck the applications for which you don’t want to install the product and click “Next”.

Then the installation will start and you will see the progress bar in the “Installing” window. Click “Next” after the successful installation.

Installation is completed.

After the installation is finished, open the SharePoint portal for which you installed the product in a browser and select Site Actions->Site Settings->Modify All Site Settings. Then select the Site collection features in the Site Collection Administration group. Find the SharePointListSearch function in the list and activate it.

Getting Started

Now let’s examine how to use the installed Web Part to filter the lists.

Open the page which includes some list in a browser and select Site Actions->Edit Page.

The page will open in the edit mode. Press “Add a Web Part” and select SharePointListSearch in the web parts gallery and press “Add”.

The Web Part will be added onto the page. Now select Edit->Modify Shared Web Part in the Web Part menu. There the Web Part settings window will be opened on the right. Check «Show all ListViewWebPart» and select a web part of the list that should be sorted in the list given below. A list of all visible list fields is available in the Fields list. Select the needed one and press “Add”. If you need to use Drop-Down filter for this field then check Use Drop-Down List and only after this press “Add”. You should press the “Ok” or “Apply” button in order to save the added field. Leave the edit mode. In order to display changes on Web Part you should refresh the page.

Now you can use Web Part for list filtering by the field you added.

Note : If you believe something is missing in this documentation, feel free to leave a message in the "Discussions" tab of the web site.

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jaruche Aug 11, 2010 at 5:55 PM 

This is not working from me. Is it required to create a connection between the two webparts?

I suspect you missed the step to create the connection sending the filter to the list view web part.