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Project Description
SharePointListSearch filters data in SharePoint lists. It allows working with already filtered data and also filtering by the part of the word. DropDown menu with multiple filter is available in the product.

Filter SharePoint lists with SharePointListSearch


Data sources usually contain hundreds and thousands of records; and the work with such data sources without filtering is continuous and inconvenient. And who is not acquainted with the situation when it’s necessary to view only some part of all existing records?! That’s why the filter able to search data addressing the set criteria is often needed.

SharePointListSearch filter is an essential tool for quick data search and filtering in SharePoint lists. Now you can include only the needed part of records in data view and avoid all unnecessary information. After using the filter only those rows which address the criteria set for the columns are displayed in the list. Filtering doesn’t change the order of the elements; it allows displaying data only in the sequence used earlier.

With SharePointListSearch it’s possible to use filter for any ListViewWebPart located on the page. The product gives you the ability to work with already filtered lists. You can filter data not only by exact match but also by the part of the word written in the filter.

The ability to save latest custom settings makes the product even more convenient. That’s why you don’t need to set analogous criteria in order to work with the same lists under the next page opening. DropDownList menu which is implemented for the fields with fixed values makes multiple filters available to the user.

Filtering is a quick and easy method to search the needed records from the large amount of data. Now with the help of SharePointListSearch all the relevant information is on a single page!

General Features
  • Using filter in any ListViewWebPart located on the page.
  • Filtering by the part of the word.
  • Work with filtered list.
  • DropDown menu for the fields with fixed values.
  • The ability to save latest custom settings.
  • Multiple filter in DropDown filter.

SharePointListSearch was developed by Perpetuum Software LLC

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